New Discoveries

I’ve been taking a new course on microbiome health and part of the curriculum involves the GI-MAP test, analyzing results, and designing protocols to address any imbalances found. Little did I know I would discover harboring an unfriendly pathogen that’s throwing off some key friendly strains and requires eradication! In addition, we conduct a foodContinue reading “New Discoveries”

Coconut Collagen Chia Pudding

I got a couple of requests for the recipe when I first made this coconut collagen chia pudding. This creamy snack or dessert is packed with Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), collagen to support connective tissue, antioxidants, and fiber, to name a few benefits. 1 can coconut cream 4 scoops collagen peptides 4 tbsp chia seedContinue reading “Coconut Collagen Chia Pudding”