New Discoveries

I’ve been taking a new course on microbiome health and part of the curriculum involves the GI-MAP test, analyzing results, and designing protocols to address any imbalances found. Little did I know I would discover harboring an unfriendly pathogen that’s throwing off some key friendly strains and requires eradication!

In addition, we conduct a food sensitivities test in order to remove inflammatory foods to allow the gut to heal fully as the desired protocol (antimicrobials, functional supports, probiotics) does its work. I had my fingers crossed hoping against an egg sensitivity, they are such a go-to for me! Lucked out on the eggs, but I had no idea I am highly reactive to…my beloved avocados. Cue the extended scream of “Noooooo!” Another high sensitivity was wheat, which as many gluten-sensitive friends can tell us, is in dang near everything. A summer without guac! Not the end of the world, but it is challenging and not fun to have to avoid foods we love. Here’s to hoping I can reintroduce them in a few months!

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