My deep dive into nutrition and wellness took root in 2011. My husband and I were excited about starting a family and things were moving along normally, until tragedy struck. Within a matter of days, we not only lost our pregnancy, but found ourselves facing frightening respective health crises. Our progress towards expanding our family was devastatingly derailed, and there was a chance it may not happen for us at all. 

We began working with a fertility specialist who made it clear we needed to take every step within our control to improve our odds. Additionally, my husband and I were each facing corresponding surgeries, so boosting our health and recovery was beyond imperative.

I began to read up on nutrition, especially protocols  supporting immunity and fertility, gradually working towards changing the way I shopped, cooked, ordered food in restaurants, and the very way I thought about food, seeing every bite as an opportunity to deliver vitality and goodness towards our primary goal. As time passed, we felt better, we healed physically and emotionally, and when it was time for IVF, we were ready.

It was empowering to proactively support my healing and fertility goals, as well as forge profound, lasting improvements in function and well-being by eating properly prepared, nutrient-dense foods. I fell in love with this stuff and delight in helping others get started on their own path. So, that is how I got here and why I want to help you live your best life!

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