Between shuffling to find our stride with work, home, school and trying to maintain life balance, it is all too easy to let our health-promoting habits and routines fall to the back burner. If you find yourself ready to place some focus back on your wellness, I’d love to support you.

I provide a personalized approach to holistic, functional nutrition, tailored to your individual needs, offering a three-month nutritional therapy package as well as testing options. Whether you are looking to resolve digestive issues, mood struggles, weight fluctuation, or simply want to feel better, the three-month program provides us the time to experience significant changes. We will work together to dial in your individual nutritional needs and address key foundational elements for ongoing, long-term health.

Discovery Session

20-minute call where we address questions about nutritional therapy, discuss your primary health goals, and ensure we are a good fit to work together. Let’s connect!

3-Month Package

3-Month Introductory Package, Initial Consultation + 6 Weekly Sessions + 6 Check-Ins

Functional Nutrition Consultation 

  • In-depth conversation to discern your health concerns, family history, present issues, and wellness goals (1-2 hrs)
  • Comprehensive assessment of NAQ and Food & Mood Journal
  • Nutritional therapy recommendations based on assessment findings and goals
  • Sample seven-day meal plan
  • Supplement recommendations (optional)
  • Progressive short & long-term goals to implement 

Weekly Sessions (1 hr)

  • Discuss progress, developments, and strategies to counter challenges
  • Comparative review of the NAQ and Food & Mood Journal
  • Continuing nutritional therapy guidance and support
  • Text/email check-ins on the weeks we do not meet

Functional Nutrition Consultation

For those not ready to go all-in on a full package, I offer the Functional Nutritional Consultation independently. This is a great option for clients who may have already identified their dietary sensitivities and feel comfortable managing their own nutrition once they have a “snapshot” to check in on what areas are in need of support. No need to decide up front. If you opt for the full package, we simply apply the cost of the consult toward the package.

Laboratory Diagnostics

GI-MAP (Gastrointestinal Microbial Assay Plus)

This analysis provides us with an unprecedented look at the various populations of the gut microbiome, including beneficial, pathogenic, and opportunistic bacteria, yeasts, parasites, worms, as well as markers for digestive function, immunity, and intestinal health. Cost is dependent on current lab pricing.

MRT (Mediator Release Test) Food Sensitivities Test

This panel covers 123 commonly reactive foods and 27 common additives and chemicals. The results identify and quantify food sensitivities, categorizing non-reactive, moderately reactive, and reactive foods and additives. This allows us to strategize precisely which foods may need to be avoided for some time and what  can be tolerated on a rotational basis. Cost is dependent on current lab pricing.

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